e-courier instructions

Download instructions (PDF format) by clicking this link… GWN_e-courier-Instructions



Follow these step by step instructions…

When you click on the logo (in Wendy’s email or at the  bottom of the Good With Numbers homepage) an embedded link will open your default web browser and take you to the following page:




Complete the page with:

  1. Your email address
  2. A description of the files you are sending (optional)
  3. A secure message for Wendy (a short note to tell me what you are sending, what tax returns they are for, and any other pertinent information)

4.  Click on the “Attach Files” button and browse to select the files you wish to send, or drag & drop files on the “Attach Files” button

The uploaded files will be listed under the Attach More Files button – note: they can be deleted by clicking on the file.


Warning if you upload multiple files at the same time — clicking on a file to delete it will remove all files.   You may prefer to attach one file at time.

Click the “Send Secure e-Package” button.  Note that the first time you use e-courier it will ask you to fill in your name, phone number and “organization” (which could be your name again).

After the files are sent to Wendy your screen will return to the first page and you will see a success message (highlighted below)

That’s it!!

Thanks for using e-courier!



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